The introvert

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Today’s comic is a little thank you to the people who understand and accept introverts. It is very difficult to be an introvert in a world that has been designed for extroverts. We don’t like large groups of people, we don’t like small talk, in fact, we find it hard to join conversations at all. Being social is exhausting, and we treasure our alone time.

I was always lead to believe that being an introvert is a bad thing. The constant, “why are you so quiet? Can’t you be more out going? You are so unapproachable” … I have heard it all. People who don’t understand just expect an introvert to change how they are wired, to just get out there and live the extrovert life. The older I’ve gotten, the more I have come to accepted that I will always be an introvert, and that’s OK. The truth is, being an introvert is perfectly normal. Being an introvert doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you.


Introverts don’t have hundreds of friends, but the friends we do have are REAL. We pick our friends very carefully. If you are an introverts friend, you have put real time into getting to know them. You know to always invite them, but give them an ‘out” so they don’t feel awful for saying no. You know they take a while to answer your message (sometimes not at all), but you know they will in their own time. When they say they need to be alone, you happily step back so that they can recharge. If an introvert opens up to you, know that it is a huge show of trust.

We have all wished at some point that we could be loud and proud extroverts, life seems far easier for them, but always remember that introverts have skills that extroverts do not. It goes both ways. If you are an introvert, embrace it.


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