Happy New Year

happy new year cat comic

2021 has come and gone. it’s been a rough one, but we made it. With a hopeful heart, let us welcome the start of a brand new year.

Next month, Benjy will be a whole year old! I am so proud. What started as a simple kitty doodle has turned into a project that I am very proud of. We have made quite a few friends along the way, and we can’t wait to meet even more wonderful hoomans!

There is one big thing I am looking forward to for 2022, Comic Con Africa. I don’t want to get too excited though. The pandemic is ongoing, and it could be cancelled. I can only hope that things improve, and the event will go ahead. I really want to bring Benjy to his first convention. Comic Con is still new here in South Africa, having only started in 2018. In general, conventions like this are few and far between, but when they do happen, I usually have an artist alley table with my traditional animal art. It’s an event I love to be part of. True, the preparation and build up for an artist alley table can up be quite stressful, but the experience is totally worth it, and I think Benjy and Friends will fit quite comfortably.

To all of Benjy’s friends

Thank you! Every like and comment means the world to me. I hope that this circle of friends continues to grow, while we enjoy the wholesome little things our pets do.

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