Exciting milestones for Benjy

you can never have too many cats
Happy New Year Friends
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2022 has come and gone, and we will look back at it fondly. We made new friends, had our first ever creator interview with The Something Guy, and got our first official merchandise out for Comic Con Africa back in September!

We enjoyed CCA so much, that we have decided to take part in Comic Con Cape Town this April. It is an incredible environment to connect with artists, art lovers, and of course, your favorite fandom! We are currently prepping some new stickers, comic art prints, as well as a surprise or two. We would love to meet you, so why not come along and say hello! If you have a favorite comic, let us know in the comments below.

Thank you

We officially finished off 2022 with our 100th comic! We love creating this wholesome content, and we give a huge thank you to everyone who has embraced and supported Benjy and Friends.


We launched our Ko-Fi page a few months ago, and I can proudly say that it is now full of content! A HUGE thank you to everyone who has been a patron to this content. Every Monday, I choose my favorite image from the latest comic, and break down the layers that went into making it. From scribble to final lighting. If you would like to see this bonus content, you can unlock it for as little as $1! Every cent is put back into Benjy And Friends.

That’s a wrap

It’s time to feed all the pets, so I best wrap this up. From Benjy, Taffy, Lotty, Shady and Quincy (sort of) we wish you a wonderful 2023! We hope to see you in April!

Want to discuss your favorite character? Just want to say hello or share some thoughts? Comment below and let us know what you think.