Comic Con Cape Town 2023

comic con cape town

We were recently fortunate enough to get an artist alley table at Cape Town’s very first Comic Con, and what a blast we had. With over 20 000 attendees, it was a huge turnout. We love the culture and enthusiastic energy of comic conventions. It’s a safe space to dress up, celebrate your favorite fandom, and have a good time. As you can imagine, Comic Con is full of amazing cosplayers of all shapes and sizes. In this week’s comic, we decided to give Benjy a little cosplay of his own. Have a look and let us know what you think!

We set up shop at table 100. No matter how many conventions we do, it is always quite intimidating being surrounded by so many amazing artists. I usually start a convention feeling very out of place, like I shouldn’t be sitting there with all the good art. Luckily everyone around us was friendly, and I very quickly felt right at home.

We introduced 5 new character stickers, as well as comic art prints. I went in thinking that the Quincy sticker would be the most popular, however it was our dear Shady who won the most people over. Our table seemed to be where all the cat and bull terrier lovers united, and we loved it!

We would like to thank everyone who came along and supported us. Meeting a handful of people who actually know the comic was absolutely amazing! Even for those who do not know the comic, it is great to see that the characters are appealing enough to warrant buying merchandise. It was so surreal seeing convention goers wearing our Benjy caps.

The four days went by in a flash. Having been surrounded by amazing artistic talent for that time, we leave feeling inspired and motivated to do better for the next convention in September, but first, some sleep.

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