Our First Book: Welcome Home Benjy


A Benjy And Friends Collection

Benjy And Friends has been available online since 2021, but physical media has always been the goal. It feels unreal to announce that, if you live in South Africa, you can bring home the cuteness with our first book; Welcome Home Benjy! This book contains Benjy’s first year of comics, as well as insight into the real life pets that the characters are based on.

What’s it about?

Benjy And Friends is a slice of life styled pet comic, starring 3 cats, a Bull Terrier, and a Pomeranian. The very first comic is called adoption day (adopt, don’t shop). It is here where you will meet a bright eyes kitten called Benjy. Once Benjy is home, you will meet the rest of the pets, who I am sure you will love just as much as Benjy.

Shady is our chonky girl. She is a black cat, with strong maternal instincts towards Benjy. Next is Quincy. He is a Siamese cat who, as an introvert, has a hard time connecting with the other animals, especially Benjy. Lotty is our Pomeranian. She is a self-proclaimed beauty, and smartest of the group. Last but not least, we have Taffy. Taffy is our gentle giant. Despite the bad reputation that Bull Terriers have, Taffy is a not dangerous. Taffy wants nothing more than love and kisses. A lot of my Taffy comics lightly touch on the issue of breed reputations.

If you are a pet owner, or you enjoy small bites of relatable and wholesome content, then Benjy and his friends are sure to capture your heart.

Where can I get it?

This book will be available for the first time at CCCT followed by CCA 2024! Unfortunately due to the costs of shipping, this book is only available within South Africa (for now). If you are not able to attend Comic Con, but want a book, reach out via hello@benjyandfriends.com, and we will get a copy to you.


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